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otaku の作家! anime のフィクションがあるべきであるところ!

Otaku Writers: The Place for Anime Fanfiction
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community where all people who loves any kinds of anime and would like to write their fanfiction!


otaku writers is an interactive community as the name suggests: anyone who loves any kind of anime is certainly welcome to contribute their fanfiction here. Be it whatever theme, your creativity matters. If your fiction is not getting the recognition and the exposure it deserves, this is the community for you. Contest suggestions and comments are all welcome to current moderator, forbid_rhythm.

Right now, the community is still starting, so I'll need all the cooperation and help I need from everyone ^-^!


It's an obvious question, but yes...YOU have to contribute one way or another ^-^'' thats the way it works. There are exceptions though, if ure an irregular contributor, you could drop comments and suggestions to those who post their fics. They need to know what everyone thinks and how they could improve their stuff for the better!

We all suggest that you follow this format for your fic entries:

Title: -title of story-
Series: -which anime series-

Genre: -Romance? Drama? etc,-
Censor: -how you rate it..PG or NC 17..etc.
Type: -story, prose, song fic-
Status: -notify if its mini series or not/ complete or incomplete...etc-

Summary: -duh...the summary- XD

Place an lj cut of your fic. To do this (lj-cut) fic (/lj-cut). Change '(' to '<'


In some terms, yes. Although you can contribute as much as you wanted, and you are entitled on your own opinion, please be reminded NOT to offend others (in other words: flaming). For this kind of abuse, if repeated three times upon warning, you'll be banned from the community.

== That's it in the nutshell! Hope you enjoy your stay! ==

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